House Histories

When you decide to dig into the history of any building or house you open a door revealing secrets and uncovering the footprint and spirit of the lives of those who lived there. You may wish to search the home you reside in, one your ancestor lived in, or a string of ancestral homes to build a family story.  Or, you may wish to enhance the sale of your home by exposing the  uniqueness of the details of its construction and history, setting it apart from every other one on the market. Whatever your project is there is a story to be told. Check out some of my past projects in the slide show for ideas then contact me to discuss yours. (Select photos to enlarge and view description)

Building Archaeology

Professionals and private individuals alike need to have an understanding of a building before undertaking restoration, alterations, or preservation. Building archaeology begins with a cursory search of relevant documents followed by examination and recording of the material evidence including walls, roofs, floors, etc. The evidence is then analyzed and compiled into a thorough report that is comprehensible for the layperson as well as the professional. Aside from building projects, sometimes there are single building materials or artifacts that are a mystery. I am ready to help through research and when necessary, collaboration with expert connections throughout the world. (See some of the my projects in the attached slide show and then contact me to discuss your project.

Historical Research & Genealogies

When considering searching one's family lineage we often think of it as being straight forward, but then comes the moment when a dead end puts a halt to the search. This can happen as one is on a personal quest to build a family tree, solve a family mystery, or for professionals seeking descendants for probating an estate. Legacy Roots has discovered answers and resolutions to many challenging projects. Review some of them in the slide show and then contact us to discuss your unique quest, brick wall, or puzzle. (Select photos to enlarge & view description.)


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Crosswicks, NJ

The hardware installed on this early 18th century home was discovered to have been imported from England during a time when the maker exported it in bulk during the time frame of its installation. Discovery was in collaboration with the Director of the Church of England.